A Viagem Final
23/08/2009 - 19h15




Altera o tamanho da letra

Thegrandeur of the monument"La Carta Magna y las Cuatro RegionesArgentinas" does not depend entirely upon its dimensions. Above sll it represents a common andunprecedented mark in the history of two nations: Spain and Argentina.


For years the members of the Spanish colony resident in Argentina collected enough money to build it, in order to commemorate the Centenary of Argentina`s Independence on the 9 of July, 1916.


For that purpose, they contracted the services of the most renowned artists of the time, who produced the sculptures for the monument. It is a monument which willundoubtedly perpetuate the important participation of the Spaniards in the histiry of argentina.

The shipment of the statues by the Príncipe das Asturias represented the last part of their work.In the capital of Argentina, the mnument had already reached the stage, with 4 large statues at the corners of the basa, 4 others over a fountain.


The last shispment of statues lies on the bottom of the sea, in the holds of the Príncipe dasAsturias. 


Fonte: Pesquisas em Barcelona, Project Príncipe das Astúrias - 1986

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